Top Cruise Destinations of 2014

Top Cruise Destinations of 2014

Taking a cruise is one of the most relaxing vacations available to individuals, couples and families around the world. Traveling by sea has a soothing effect and a cruise ship is a one-stop destination that can take you to different countries.

Another great benefit of this form of holiday is its convenience. You just need to book your tour and once you’re on board, everything is planned for you. There’s no need to find a hotel and restaurant or think about what activities to do. A special formal dinner is even organized in an elegant setting and most ships offer a nightly entertainment show for its guests.

The cruise industry enjoys a yearly passenger growth rate of 7 percent and this trend is predicted to remain through 2018. This growth rate is attributed to …

4 Ways to Protect Your Personal Data While Traveling


Travelers are susceptible to a variety of threats while on vacation, including identity theft and data loss. This can occur if your gadgets are lost or stolen during your explorations. You can prevent some of the most common types of fraud and digital attacks by taking extra steps to secure your technology during your travels. Here are four ways to lock down your personal data while on the road.

Top Five Off-Roading Destinations for 2014

Recreational off-roading is one of the more interesting activities that can be done on travel. While most places in the world will have at least one area ideal for it, there are those that managed to gain popularity for being one of the best off-roading destinations. This adventure is not for the faint-hearted though. Driving or riding a vehicle on unsurfaced roads or tracks can be a real test of navigation skills and durability of the vehicle used.

Off-roading will a bumpy ride to say the least over various materials such as sand, gravel, snow, mud, rocks, riverbeds, and other natural terrain. Travelers who are thinking of doing it in their trips should heed the advise of JW Surety Bonds and make sure that their travel agencies are suitably bonded. This is to ensure maximum protection for the customers of travel agencies..

With that important matter taken cared of, we can now concentrate on where to find the best off-roading destinations. Here are some of the most worthy to go to this year:

Rubicon Trail – Sierra Nevada, US



The Rubicon Trail is actually part road and part 4 x 4 trail. The 22 mile-long route starts in Georgetown, California and passes through the El Dorado National Forest, the Tahoe National Forest and the Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit. It eventually leads to lake Tahoe. This is where the annual Jeep Jamboree is held.

Convenient Express Bus Trips Between NYC and Washington D.C.


An express bus makes it easy and affordable to plan an enjoyable trip New York City or Washington D.C. Passengers can save money while also riding in comfort when heading to these major cities.
Amenities on Intercity Buses

When traveling on an express bus between New York and Washington D.C., passengers can expect to have access to a handful of amenities that aren’t found on traditional public buses. For example, free complimentary Wi-Fi may be available. Power outlets with standard 110 or 120 V allow passengers to charge their devices such as smartphones and laptop computers. Personal lighting and climate control might also be available in express buses. Last but not least, clean and spacious restrooms are available on intercity buses.
Convenient Bus Stops

How to Fix Cellular Data and Wi-Fi Issues Before You Travel


Data roaming fees can be the disastrous result of traveling with your cellular data on. According to the GSM Association, a professional society of mobile operators, roaming fees can range anywhere from $1.07 per megabyte to a whopping $30.95 per megabyte.

These astonishing charges make it crucial for travelers to understand their connectivity options while they’re on the road, so they don’t get stuck with fees. Here’s what you need to know.

Roaming fees

Most mainstream domestic calling plans have very unforgiving roaming fees. If you are about to make a long trip, you should ask your mobile carrier about an international calling plan, which will keep you connected even while you’re abroad.

Chinese Tourists Still Flocking to Japan Despite Tensions

Tension may still be high between Japan and China as their diplomatic ties are challenged by the territorial disputes they’re involved in but when it comes to tourists, this issue does not matter. Proof of this is the rise in the number of Chinese tourists that visited Japan this year to experience the Cherry blossoms.

The Japan National Tourism Organization recently reported that in March alone, Chinese tourist arrivals went up 80 percent. This translates to a total of 184,200 people from China visiting Japan starting in January 2014. For that period, some 79,000 group visas and 30,000 individual visas were issued to the Chinese. These figures are said to be the highest number of visas ever issued since the start of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s administration in 2012.

Chinese tourists in Japan

Chinese Confidence in Japan

The rise in the number of people from China is clear proof that the Chinese still love Japan, its products and culture. This positive trend was noted in July 2013 when an estimated 60,000 visas were issued.

How to Keep the Family Eating Healthy While on Travel

Nothing disturbs daily routine more than travel. Being in a different setting and probably being constantly on the move due to numerous scenic trips and other appointments, makes most families prone to eating whatever is conveniently available and pleasing to the children. Travel can be one of the more challenging situations parents may find themselves in as they try to keep the healthy eating habits of their children. In the local scene, these tips can be applied to ensure healthy cooking Philippines.

Eating Precautions to Take When Traveling to the Philippines
Visitors to the Philippines should observe the usual eating precautions when traveling to any other country. It is highly advisable to eat food that is cooked and served hot. In the Philippines, there are various food establishments to choose from, offering a range of …

Handy Tips for Your Apple Gadgets While Traveling

These days, people often travel with their treasured mobile devices. Whether on personal or business trips, they are seen carrying their laptops, tablets and smartphones of varied sizes.

A Nielsen study covering some 6,000 Apple and Android users has shown that travelers use their mobile gadgets in different ways. The motivation behind using smartphones or tablets, for instance, is not necessarily similar to when using a laptop.

Regardless of how they’re used, owners of Apple gadgets and other mobile devices should know how to take care of their personal electronic products.

Do You Need to Submit Your Travel Blog to a Blog Directory?

There is a question in the minds of many blog owners on why there is a need submit their blogs to blog directories. A usual follow-up question would be is do all blogs need to be included in such listings. To zero in on a particular case, let us try to answer the question of whether or not travel blogs need to be part of a blog directory.


Every blog wants to command the right attention, the right attention to be more specific. Aside from the general objective of being noticed by the public as a reliable blog to go to, is there any blog owner who will refuse to be acknowledged as an authority in a specific field? Probably none. Even if blog owners are not in it for the money, …

Who Can Take Care of Your Dog When Travelling? A Dog Boarding School


There was a time when camps were only meant for humans, from the traditional summer camps for kids to the less traditional camps for older individuals who want to drop a few pounds. These days, dog camps have gotten popular among pet owners since they give their dog a certain level of care when they are going away. In fact, a lot of pet owners even join their dogs at these camps to meet and socialize with others who share their love for dogs.