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Halal is an Arabic term which pertains to objects or actions which are permissible to use or take part of according to Islamic Law. The term also refers to food that Muslims can eat. Not many people are familiar with this and Muslim culture in general unless they share the same religion or have experienced life in Muslim countries.

The numbers of Halal conscious consumers are rapidly increasing which is why many of them look for Halal friendly holidays which they can enjoy. Trips like these make them feel at ease, because they do not have to worry about having to deal with situations which are not in line with their faith.  Halal travel destinations are not just exclusive to OIC countries. Some places on the list are not members, but they do have a large population of Muslims, so most of the people are very much aware and respect  Islamic beliefs.

Here is a list of Halal friendly travel destinations all over the world.

Malaysia (OIC Country) is an Asian destination with a variety of cultures, races and cuisines. Muslims will love it here because Halal food is a norm. There is also many things to do and see here, such as sightseeing and shopping.

Indonesia: (OIC country)is another South East Asian country comprised of many islands. It is a tropical paradise with a mix of modern and laid back cultures. There are numerous rainforests, beaches and volcanoes there.

Brunei (OIC country) may be the smallest country on Earth but it they are rich in oil and gas deposits. They have well-preserved rainforest habitats which you can explore or you may visit their coral reefs and shipwrecks too.

Bosnia and Herzegovina (Non OIC country) are considered exotic destinations in Europe which have a large population of Muslim settlers. They have beautiful architecture in Sarajevo, attractive sites in Mostar and breathtaking waterfalls in Martinbrod, including ski destinations in Sutjeska. A trip there would definitely be an adventure.

South Africa (Non OIC country): South Africa offers many awe inspiring natural resources such as waterfalls, canyons, wetlands, mountains and subtropical forests. Taking a safari and going on a trip to their pristine beaches are things you have to do when you visit. Since there are a handful of Muslims here, traveler are sure to find several Halal friendly facilities in the area..

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