Reasons Why Palm Springs is a Must-Visit Destination

When one hears the area called Palm Springs, what often comes to mind are the palm trees that line up the streets. It’s also a well known place where many famous celebrities reside and where films are often shot since the 1930s.

Situated in the state of California, specifically in the Riverside County, the term Palm Springs was first used by U.S. topographical engineers in the 1853 maps. Its other names in the past were Palmetto Spring and Big Palm Springs.


This desert city was developed into a resort in the 1900s and today boasts of various types of resorts and Palm Spring hotels visited by numerous tourists each year. The luxurious El Mirador Hotel that opened in 1927 was the first to attract bigtime movie stars. Its major feature was its Renaissance style tower standing at 68-feet high.

Celebrity Residents

Through the years, the so-called movie colony neighborhoods were set up in the city which attracted celebrities who preferred to reside there away from the busy lifestyle of Los Angeles. The late Bob Hope was one of the big stars who bought an estate in Palm Springs.
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5 Must-See Romantic Spots in Venice

Italy has so much to offer to tourists in terms of culture and wonderful attractions. The City of Venice is definitely a must-visit.


It is here where a uniquely relaxing and romantic holiday can be experienced by visitors. No sounds of cars driving by, only a smooth ride via the gondola along canals and under the bridges to see the sights around the place.

For married couples on a honeymoon or those still engaged, they can surely savor their romance while here. We share five spots worth exploring for some quality and romantic time.

The Canals

The waterways of Venice are magnetic. Calm and inviting, they always attract couples looking to spend a relaxing time sightseeing or simply having a heart-to-heart conversation on board a gondola. They can even arrange for some live music while cruising courtesy of a gondolier skilled at serenading.
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How to Choose Car Insurance For Your Trip Abroard

Whenever you travel by land using your own car or renting a car, it is a must to carry the right car insurance. This will protect you in the event you meet an accident or your car gets stolen while you’re away from home.

When it comes to car insurance companies, there’s no such thing as the best according to the experts. With more than a hundred companies in existence today in the U.S. alone, each one wants to offer unique features at competitive rates.


Normally, getting a car rental insurance is an ideal option. This is particularly important if you only have liability insurance without coverage for theft, fire or accidents caused by other people. Another benefit is the less costly deductible involved compared to those charged if you use your car insurance policy.

Car rental insurance comes in various types. These are the collision damage waiver, loss damage waiver, supplemental liability, personal accident and personal effect coverage.

Insurance providers are investing more on their online operations these days where they are getting new clients. As such, it should not be that difficult to find a good insurance firm as long as you know the kind of coverage that you’re looking for.

Certain important factors you can consider are reputation, customer service, cost and types of coverage offered. Just keep in mind not to compromise quality over cost. The experts would also tell you to find a company that matches your lifestyle and is financially capable to pay for any future claims you may have.
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Four Great RV Stops For Families

Yellowstone National Park, WY

Yellowstone National Park, WY (Photo credit: mac9001)

You’ve always put your relationships with your family first. You’ve committed to a family road trip and bought an RV so that you can enjoy the creature comforts of home while reconnecting with nature. But where do you go? There are so many memorable road trips to take that it can seem overwhelming at times. But before you throw a dart at the U.S. map or flip a coin to decide on your destination, consider the following locations for your next RV trip: [Read more...]

Where to Stay in Key Largo

The Florida keys are among the most visited areas in the southern part of the U.S. Key Largo is the largest among the islands measuring 48 kilometers long and is situated on the northernmost part. It is also known as the world’s diving capital owing to its so-called living coral reef.

Summer is a fun time to be in this great paradise island. The warm temperature and fantastic scenery are just some of the reasons why people in the U.S. and those from the different parts of the world come here whenever time permits.

Nature parks abound on this island and are recommended for adults and kids alike. One of them is the John Pennekamp coral reef protected park which features a museum and an aquarium. Other than the coral reefs, visitors can see up close and personal here the colorful marine creatures and various types of flora to include the orchids, gumbo, wild cotton, wild coffee and mahogany trees.
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Rental car insurance: To buy, or not to buy?

Those who enjoy traveling by car or who like to have access to a rental car when they go on vacation often don’t know what to say when the rental agent asks about purchasing extra insurance. Rental car insurance is expensive and you, along with millions of other drivers, may wonder if it’s necessary. It’s always better to be safe than sorry; if you’re not sure whether you need rental car insurance, the following information may help you decide.  [Read more...]

Top 5 Cruise Destinations for your Next Family Holiday

A cruise can be one of the best ways for a family to spend a long holiday together without having the hassle of planning the entire trip yourself. The only tough part of planning your family cruise holiday is trying to decide where you should go. Listed below are five of the top cruise destinations to consider for your next family holiday.

There are different options for cruises to Mexico, as ships frequently tour both coasts. Each coast features amazing beaches and allows you to tour ancient Mayan ruins. The best time to visit Mexico is from November to April when the weather is less humid and cooler. However, this is also the time when Mexico’s tourist destinations are the most hectic. [Read more...]

Make Your Own Travel Documentary without Going Abroad


We usually think of a travel documentary as a film that features a distant foreign place.  We often forget that that the places that may be common and too familiar to us may be places of interest for other people.  When we film places we know, we come out more authoritative because we actually know what we are talking about.

So let’s forget about going abroad for a while and focus on what is readily accessible and obviously travel-worthy sites near us.  Some people have the good fortune of living within the vicinity of a tourist attraction.  For them, the question as to what location to feature in the film is easily answered.

The main advantage of featuring a place that is near is the accessibility to required information, relative ease of obtaining footage, and more realistic opportunities to check and double-check with reliable reference materials and resource persons.  It is almost impossible to make a perfect documentary in one sitting where the need to go back to the place will not be needed.  Documentaries are expected to be faithful to the facts and allowing a film to be shown with unverified information will put the entire film’s credibility to question.  The filmmaker might as well categorize his work as fiction.

Filming near home is not an excuse to offer an inferior product.  Although the level of experience do limit to a certain degree the quality of the film, viewers are generally not harsh with novice work that have obviously been given careful thought, time, and attention.  There is a need to have access to the basic technical equipment such as cameras, flood lights, audio recording systems, and editing systems to come with a fairly presentable film.

Budding travel documentary makers should find a place that is not only interesting to show but also worthy to talk about.  Documentaries necessarily require the history, relevant personalities or events, and its present offering to a curious traveler.  A travel documentary needs to be visually exciting while having an interesting and unique story to tell.  Nobody can tell a story better that a native of a place.


Top Five Places I Want To See Before I Die

paris05day7017smallI don’t think I am going to die soon. Well, I certainly hope not. I have places to go, things to do. I did run across an article at the Huffington Post about dream destinations. It is not a new idea – people write all sorts of lists about things they want to do and places they want to go to before they die. I thought I’d have mine in black and white as well. So here goes.

1. Paris – I have always wanted to go to France. My fascination with this country began in grade school when I won a book titled “Let’s Travel to France” in a raffle draw. The rest, as they say, is history.
2. Israel – This is another place that was very much part of my childhood. Bible stories were my bed time stories. For as long as I can remember, I knew that I would go to this country one day. It has not happened yet, but I know it will.
3. Switzerland – Milk chocolate, the Alps, and Heidi – why wouldn’t anyone want to see this country before they die?
4. Australia – The Great Barrier Reef, the great Outback, Christmas in summer…Australia is one of those places that I think will be such an adventure.
5. Japan – Japanese castles, cherry blossoms, shrines, and lots of Japanese food! This will probably the first place I would be able to visit in this list, and I will not be complaining when it does happen.

What is on your list?

More Places To Visit Before It’s Too Late

Taj Mahal
This is the continuation of the list that I started in the last post – places that might not be here tomorrow so we should visit them while we can.

Little Green Street isn’t in the center of London, but maybe that’s why it survived so long — it’s one of only a few intact Georgian streets left in the whole metropolis. These two-story brick houses may have survived the Blitz in World War II, but the inexorable march of gentrification is another thing altogether.

London is a premiere tourist destination as a whole but so is this little area within the city. Indeed, with development going the way it is, we might not get to see Little Green Street in its original form pretty soon.

Michoacán Monarch Biosphere Reserve, Mexico: Monarch butterflies face a variety of risks all along their 2,000-mile (3,220-km) migration route between Canada and Mexico. Pesticides are a constant threat, and the monarchs’ low tolerance for cold and wet conditions leave them vulnerable to winter storms, increased rainfall, and other climate changes. Meanwhile, deforestation of their winter habitat could be the fatal blow for the butterflies.

As a child, I fell in love with these butterflies. It is a pity that because of man’s activities, their breed is in danger. I really hope to visit the Reserve before it’s too late.

Taj Mahal: If the plan to close the Taj Mahal goes into effect, it would reduce this over-the-top mausoleum — built by Shah Jahan (fifth emperor of the Mughal dynasty) in Agra, India, to mourn his favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal — to a mere postcard silhouette instead of the spiritual experience it can be.

I couldn’t believe it when I read this! The Taj Mahal is part of history – kids learn about it in school! How can they consider closing it?

There are other destinations on the list, do visit the main article if you have time and learn more about these endangered places. Who knows, we might be able to do something to save them.

Photo via bdewan