What to Wear at Sea

Dress codes are common in most places, but most of us do not expect that it is important while you are at sea. Back in the day, cruise lines were the place to be, so everyone was expected to be at their best, but when the casual trend began most cruise lines have been toning down their dress codes.

Day wear includes T-shirts, polo shirts, shorts, khakis, sundresses for women and sweatshirts or light sweaters for cooler weather. You may expect fancier labeled clothes on luxury lines. Formal wear these days are what we used to consider as semi-formal. In fact, some cruise lines consider sports jackets as dressy. Unless of course it is captain’s cocktail night, for this occasion almost every one prefers to dress up.

When you say dress up, imagine what you would wear for a nice wedding. Men are encouraged to wear dark suits or tuxedos, while women are expected to wear, cocktail dresses, sequined gowns and other fancy attire. For women who dislike dressing up, a simple blouse paired with a skirt or pants with suffice. Most women prefer to keep it simple and accessorize instead. Most cruise lines specify their dress code and list their activities in their brochure and their website.

Some cruise lines have tuxedos for rent if you do not feel like taking one with you. As for the women, they often take their own dresses to fit their taste, liking and match their jewelry and other accessories.


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